Grain Vacs Drive Down Expenses

grain vacs drive down expenses, increase farm efficiencyBlomkest, MN, USA – Agriculture is a technology-driven industry that demands the best in equipment performance, efficiency, and safety. When OSHA issued new regulations regarding sweep augers, the industry scrambled to figure out how to meet the regulations and move grain safely, while keeping expenses in check. Christianson’s has been able to ease the burden of this specific OSHA regulation by offering a series of grain vac options that move grain from bin to bin or from bin to truck. Essentially, the use of a pneumatic grain vac provides heightened protection from entering grain bins, features the benefit of single use operation, and lowers dust emissions.

3 Ways Grain Vacs Drive Down Expenses

One-Man Operation

Christianson’s recognizes the importance of heightening safety while driving down expenses, and the use of a grain vac addresses both of these pressing issues. The need for entering bins to maintain sweep augers or have multiple people on hand to operate equipment is eliminated by the use of grain vacs. Grain vacs are easily operated by one person.

Increased Efficiency

The higher capacity of Handlair and VacBoss grain vacs significantly cuts the amount of time required to fill trucks, reducing expenses even further and making more efficient use of your time. We know it’s critical to keep the grain moving process going, and a grain vac is manufactured to increase process efficiencies. When you move grain with air, you have a choice that other equipment simply doesn’t offer. You aren’t limited in vac-only or pressure-only, but rather given the flexibility and choice tailored to your needs.

Mobile Use

One of the most appreciated features of grain vacs is its mobility; offering owners the ability to easily move the grain vac between multiple sites and operate it on whatever tractor PTO is available. Grain vacs will keep up with your busy schedule in the time of need, traveling with you to when and where you need grain moved.

When it is necessary to move grain from a bin, you want a safe and reliable option that facilitates a full compliance with OSHA standards and industry expectations. Christianson’s is pleased to be the resource of choice for all grain conveying needs.

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