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Meet the performance champ of grain vacs.

The versatility, flexibility, and performance of Handlair® is unmatched in the grain vac industry. Unlike most grain vacs which are limited to truck loading, a Handlair can fill tall bins, silos, and flat storage; transfer grain over long distances (several hundred feet); and gently handle seed grains – all while using lightweight 4″ to 6″ piping that makes set-up, operation, and take-down a breeze.

Developed and built for years of service in the heart of USA’s corn and soybean country, Handlair continues to set performance standards for grain vacs.

If you’re looking for a better way to move your grain and seed, you can count on Handlair.
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Models  560   566   680



More seed companies own a Handlair than all others put together.

When it comes to grain handling damage, seed companies are a demanding group. They’re very fussy about their seed handling equipment because seed handling damage costs them money – big money. Handlair revolutionized the seed industry by becoming the first pneumatic conveyor to pass test after test for handling damage – proving itself as the seed mover of choice for leading seed companies everywhere.

Make sure you look under the hood.

The two primary components of all push/pull pneumatic conveyors are the airlock and blower. The quality and design of these two components significantly impacts the performance, service life, and value of a grain vac.

For example, Handlair’s heavy-duty cast blow-through airlock with adjustable steel tips will keep operating when others plug or under-perform. As each rotor pocket containing grain passes in front of the blower’s discharge, the pocket is cleaned from the pressurized air passing directly through it – hence the term “blow-through airlock”. This results in higher conveying efficiency and better performance.

The Handlair positive displacement blower with hardened gears, high-quality bearings and seals can operate at pressures 25-50% higher, providing unequaled conveying performance.

Model Capacity (max) HP Line Size
560 3,500 bu/hr 100 5″ (127 mm)
566 4,000 bu/hr 105 6″ (152 mm)
680 5,700 bu/hr 150 6″ (152 mm)


Click here to see Capacities

Features and Options

The closer you look, the better Handlair looks.


Handlair 560, 566 and 680 grain vacs include the following features unless noted as an option:

Piping: 4, 5, or 6″

Easy to handle 4, 5 or 6″ piping, with camlock couplers, gives you perfect alignment and positive seal at every connection. No loose clamps or gaskets. Recommended piping packages and center bin unloading nozzles are available. Also complete piping systems available for bins or silos, large or small.

Offset-hitch Frame

Patented frame design with an offset hitch gives plenty of truck clearance when using a tractor with duals or long axles.

Fender Package

Heavy-duty fenders with rubber mud flaps.

They do what a fender is supposed to do, and they look great.

Swivel Truck-Loading-Kit (TLK)

Swivel Truck-Loading-Kit (TLK) allows truck loading from the side, corner, or rear of the machine.

Raised and lowered via a handy crank winch, the TLK uses heavy-duty bearings for stability during unloading.


  • Standard truck loading clearance of 12′ 2″.
  • 360° rotational movement.
  • Locking safety pin for storage and transport.

Hydraulic Truck Loading Kit Package (optional)

Hydraulically raised and lowered at a touch of a lever.

Camlock Coupled Lower TLK Elbow
(Standard on Models 560 & 566)

The camlock coupled lower TLK elbow easily detaches without tools for applications where the truck loading kit is not required – like filling bins and silos, or long horizontal transfers.

Camlock couplers ensure positive alignment and sealing at every pipe connection.

Seed Handling Discharge Cyclone (optional)

A 24″ Seed Handling Discharge Cyclone is available in lieu of the 20″ standard discharge cyclone.

Discharge Cyclone Liners and Rubber Boots (optional)

Barrel and cone liners dramatically extend the life of a discharge cyclone.

  • 20″ unlined discharge cyclone is standard.
    Barrel liner only or barrel and cone liner for 20″ discharge cyclone (optional).
  • 24″ unlined Seed Handling Discharge Cyclone (optional).
    Barrel liner only or barrel and cone liner for 24″ discharge cyclone (optional).

Rubber outlet boots gently direct grain flow to discharge in a tight pattern.

  • 9″ rubber discharge boot for 20″ discharge cyclone (optional).
  • 11″ rubber discharge boot for 24″ discharge cyclone (optional).

High Clearance TLK (optional)

When loading into extra high grain trucks, an extended truck loading kit with 13’6″ of clearance is available.


The Handlair 560 and 566 utilize a 1.56 cubic foot per revolution Christianson heavy duty airlock.

The Handlair 680 utilizes a 2.7 cu. ft per revolution Christianson heavy duty airlock.

Special features include:

  • Blow-through design for efficiency and superior rotor pocket clearing.
  • Extra-large throat for maximum through-put and minimized product bridging.
  • Angled housing for reduced torque rotor turning.
  • Adjustable and replaceable tips for longer airlock life and better performance.
  • Pressure-Vacuum cross venting for better performance.
  • Direct-coupled reversible hydraulic drive with overload protection.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron housing for better rigidity and strength.

Chrome Hardened Airlock (optional)

The airlock can be chrome hardened in a special process for extra wear resistance.

Hour Meter (optional)

Timely service of your Handlair extends its life and helps maintain optimum performance.

Track Handlair operating time with the hour meter – also great for rental or custom transfer work.

Positive Displacement Air Pump (Blower)

Heavy-duty commercial air pump with hardened gears, high-quality bearings and seals for long life, unequalled efficiency and performance. Heaviest in the industry!


New self-cleaning blower silencer for extremely quiet operation.

Swivel Cyclone

Main machine cyclone for grain and vacuum intake.

  • Two-piece construction for easy maintenance access and/or installation of optional wear liner.
  • 270° rotation/positioning – set your intake pipe in best position for job.
  • Integrated self-cleaning stainless steel backup filter screen.

Machine Cyclone Liners (optional)

For abrasive grains like soybeans or high volume users, barrel and cone wear liners are recommended for the main machine cyclone.

Air Filtration System – AFS

The AFS removes a majority of the abrasive or sticky dust from air stream that is sucked back into the blower. Highly efficient and virtually maintenance-free except for periodic dumping.

Gearbox Drive

Gearbox drive for direct, smooth power transmission. Unibody design with hardened gears. No belts or chains.

  • Side-loading of the blower shaft and bearings is eliminated.
  • Very efficient (no loss of power from belt slippage).
  • Reliable – gears and bearings continuously lubricated in oil bath.

The PTO shaft with protective clutch provides smooth and safe power transmission to the blower. Shear bolts are eliminated.

Remote Hydraulic Control

Conveniently located control lever(s) for operating tractor hydraulic powered components as follows:

  • Airlock (forward, off, and reverse)
  • Truck-Loading-Kit (raise and lower) (optional – if equipped)

Self-Contained Hydraulic System (optional)

With Handlair’s most popular option, you never have to connect hoses to your tractor, switch hose ends, or risk contamination to your tractor’s hydraulic system. Especially important for multi-owner and rental units.

Hydraulic power for the airlock and truck loading kit ram (if equipped).

Comes complete with:

  • Gauge
  • Filter
  • Reservoir tank
  • Vacuum Gauge

Easy to read vacuum gauge allows the operator to monitor machine operation.

Vacuum Gauge

Easy to read vacuum gauge allows the operator to monitor machine operation.

Pressure Gauge (optional)

Handy for pressure conveying applications, easy to read 2″ liquid filled pressure gauge helps the operator set and monitor machine operation.





NEW! The Handlair 404, a compact bulk transfer Grain Vac.


Meet the Handlair 404, where versatility meets power! This “Little Giant” was designed to easily maneuver those hard to reach places while still providing the power needed to complete the job. Intended for smaller jobs, the Model 404 provides both vacuum and pressure for filling totes, short transfers, railcar spills, or any cleanup job.

Self-contained with a 37 HP Kohler engine, the 404 will transfer dry bulk material up to 1,200 bu/hr. The forklift frame may be moved easily, fitting in the back of most pickups for effortless transfer to and from the jobsite. The optional truck loading out kit may be added for filling totes or discharging directly into trucks or bulk containers.

Self-Contained Hydraulic System

One feature that sets the 404 apart from similar units is the self-contained hydraulic system. Instead of using a chain to run our airlock, which can be troublesome to re-calibrate correctly, we utilize our hydraulic system. Using this system allows the airlock to move both forward and in reverse should anything get lodged in the blades.

The blower is belt driven by a 37 hp Kohler gas engine.

The inspection door on the machine shows the product moving through the system and allows access to the airlock should a foreign object become lodged between the tips and housing.

Bin Rescue Equipment

The small self-contained grain vac may be moved into position quickly when time is critical.

The R3 Rural Rescue Response Trailer used by the Gibbon Fire and Rescue features the HA404 to support grain bin rescue missions.

Patented Air Filtration System

The 404 is equipped with Christianson’s patented air filtration system that prevents dust from entering the blower which helps prolong the life of the the machine and its components

The heavy-duty cast airlock is self cleaning with adjustable tips and vented endplates. When the airlock blades show signs of wear, rather than replace them you can simply adjust or reverse the tips.

Bin Safety Equipment

This Handlair Model 404 is set up for recovery situations during bin rescue operations.




Piping and Accessories

Make sure your Handlair® has the right piping for the job.


Handlair is no ordinary grain vac – it gives you the best of both worlds: small diameter, easy to handle piping and pressure conveying – all in one compact package. Take advantage of Handlair’s superior performance by plumbing that hard-to-reach silo or holding tank today!

Handlair is no ordinary grain vac – it gives you the best of both worlds: small diameter, easy to handle piping and pressure conveying – all in one compact package. Take advantage of Handlair’s superior performance by plumbing that hard-to-reach silo or holding tank today!


Adapters are required for coupling flexible rubber or flexible metal piping. An exclusive Seedcuff™ version for metal flex provides a smoother transition for gentler material handling.

  • Available with Male or Female Camlock Coupler.
  • Available as Stub or Seedcuff only without coupler.

Bin and Silo Piping

Plumb your bins and silos for fast and easy filling.

Couplers – Camlock

Camlock couplers connect in seconds without separate clamps or bolts. Proper pipe alignment and a good vacuum or pressure seal is assured.

When used with galvanized or stainless steel flex pipe, camlock couplers ensure the correct direction of bulk material flow, improving your vac’s performance and minimizing pipe wear.

Camlock couplers typically are reusable if your flex requires replacement. Reinstall the used camlock couplers on your new flex pipe and you’re set.

Camlock couplers can be used on all makes and models of pneumatic conveyors – just contact us to quote a retrofit!

Couplers – Compression

Use compression couplers to butt-connect straight pipe or stubs. They are commonly used for bin and silo plumbing installations and are available in virtually any diameter. Compression couplers feature a heavy rubber gasket, steel inner sleeve and bolted compression for solid connections.

Couplers – Quick-Clamp

The quick clamp with J-hook quickly and securely connects 1″ or 1-1/4″ angle-flanged piping. Many older vacs use flanged steel pipes, especially in diameters of 8″ or greater.

Couplers – Quick-On

Quick-On couplers are very handy for pipe connections requiring frequent access or disconnection.

Featuring an integral hand tightening screw, quick-on couplers can be installed without tools. Each coupler comes standard with a gasket.

Nozzles – Straight

The aluminum straight nozzles feature 360 degree handle and an adjustable air door. A male camlock coupler welded on one end is used for quick attachment to flex piping.

Available with a detachable cleanup head with skids or wheels for easier nozzle handling. Also uses detachable Bell end for improved performance.

Nozzles – Removable Cleanup Head and Bell

For cleanup applications use the detachable flat nozzle with wheels.

For better performance, be sure to use a Bell end on your nozzle to increase bulk material uptake.


Nozzles – Adjustable

Reduce stress on your lower back with this adjustable cleanup nozzle. Its ergonomic design allows various adjustments to accommodate your height.

Hand grips are placed for maximum comfort. Moving on a dual set of wheels and at just 18 LBS, this lightweight nozzle is easy to handle. Its wide head allows for maximum cleanup efficiency

Piping – Aluminum – Straight

Use heavy-duty aluminum pipe that is lightweight yet strong and lasts. Available with camlock couplers for fast and easy pipe connection.

4″=.072″ Wall Thickness, 5″=.078″ Wall Thickness, 6″=.083″ Wall Thickness

Flex Pipe Guide

Tip! Extend the life of
your flex – rotate 90° frequently.

Flex Only

+ Carbon Steel Ends

+ Carbon Steel Ends
+ Swivel

+ Carbon Steel Ends
+ Camlock Couplers

+ Carbon Steel Ends
+ Reducer
+ Camlock Couplers

+ Carbon Steel Ends
+ Swivel
+ Camlock Couplers

+ Carbon Steel Ends
+ Swivel
+ Reducer
+ Camlock Couplers

Piping – Flex – Galvanized Steel

Constructed of hot dipped galvanized carbon steel strip for greater protection from weathering, this .019″ thick galvanized flex pipe stands up in tough conveying environments. Its high-temperature packing virtually eliminates air leaks and provides the high capacities.

Piping – Flex – Galvanized Steel with Stainless Steel Liner

Constructed of hot dipped galvanized carbon steel strip and lined with 302 stainless steel, this flex measures .038″ thick. It is designed to withstand the most grueling applications. It features high-temperature packing and an Easyflo™ smooth bore to minimize grain damage and reduce conveying friction. Also yields higher capacities, greater pipe strength and a longer service life.

Piping – Flex – Stainless Steel

Tackle your toughest applications with the most flexible and easy to handle metal flex. Constructed entirely of 302 stainless steel, this flex is contamination and corrosion resistant. More durable than galvanized flex pipe, its high-temperature packing virtually eliminates air leaks and provides optimum performance.

Piping – Flex – Rubber – Standard

A compound rubber flex formulated to dissipate static electricity and constructed with a rigid PVC helix. The standard rubber flex is lighter and more flexible, making it best suited for clean-up applications.


Piping – Elbows

Use with compression couplers to butt-connect to straight pipe, another elbow or stubs. Also available with camlock couplers attached.

Elbows are commonly used for bin and silo plumbing installations. All elbows are steel grit blasted, primed, and painted.

Available in 15, 30, 45 ,60 and 90 degree bends.

Piping Packages

Contact us about recommended piping packages for your application. Our experienced staff will guide you through a piping selection process that best fits your needs.


Carbon steel reducers provide a smooth transition between two different pipe diameters. Available in numerous configurations with or without camlock couplers attached.

Specifications, drawings, photographs, and design are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Also refer to the Legal section of this web site for more information.

Parts, Service & Support

Handlair service and support –
23 years and counting.

Whether it’s routine maintenance for your Handlair or a complete rebuild of your older grain vac, we’ve got the facilities and experience to support you. We service all types, makes and models of grain vacs.

Call us today for:

  • Airlock tip adjustment
  • Airlock rebuilding and exchange
  • Air pump rebuilding and exchange
  • Seasonal inspection and tune-up
  • Vac rebuilding
  • Vac truck mounting

Handlair Brochure

Below is the current brochure for the Handlair Models 560 and 680.

Handlair Brochure Pg 1







Handlair Brochure Pg 2


Safety Notice – Important – Read This!

Entering a bin, silo, tank or other type of storage structure is hazardousWorking in and around bins, silos, and tanks
Entering a bin, silo, tank or other type of storage structure is hazardous. You can suffocate and die from the materials stored inside these structures. There also may be explosive, harmful or poisonous gas or dust in the air. A vac operator and all other personnel assisting should strictly adhere to the procedures outlined in “Bin, Silo, and Tank Entry Procedures” before entering a storage structure. For additional details regarding these procedures, reference OSHA Standards.

When entering grain tanks, bins, and silos, also follow these tips – “Bin Entry Do’s and Don’ts” from the Kansas Grain and Feed Association’s Safety, Health and Environment Committee.


it is your responsibility to read, understand and follow all of the safety instructions in your operator’s manual
Working with and around your vac
Before using your vac, it is your responsibility to read, understand and follow all of the safety instructions in your operator’s manual. Also make sure that EVERYONE operating or near your vac understands and follows all of the safety instructions in the manual.

Remember, a safety-minded, informed operator is the most important safety aspect of your vac. Accidents can be avoided. Do not risk injury or death — be certain that every operator of your vac is well acquainted with all the safety recommendations and operating instructions in the manual. Read “Vac Safety Guidelines”

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