SeedVac Used on HMI Feed Buggy

Feeding deer, livestock, or other wildlife is easier and more efficient with a HMI Feed Buggy. For over twenty years, Heavybilt Manufacturing Inc (HMI) of Coalgate, Oklahoma has been manufacturing specialty feeders. They recently released their new 2023 Three Ton Feed Buggy powered by Christianson Systems built SeedVac.™ With feeding deer growing in popularity in many areas, this implement is in high demand. It's able to deliver 400 pounds of corn per minute, and a four ton model is in the design phase to be released soon. The Feed Buggy features a three ton round … [Read more...]

Christianson Grain Vac Featured on KSTP News

Our HA404 (Handlair® Grain Vac) was featured by KSTP Channel 5 in a recent story about grain bin safety and new life-saving equipment purchased by the Gibbon Fire Department. The HA404 is a 35hp self-powered grain vac capable of moving more than 1,000 bu/hr and is mounted on a trailer (pictured). We  are proud to have been a part of this project, as Minnesota places third nationwide in grain bin incidents each year.  In case you missed the new segment when it aired, you can watch it here. You can read the story from the Gibbon Fire Department in its … [Read more...]

Omni Industrial Process Provides Solutions for Mosquito Control with a Christianson Seed Vac

Mosquito control is a primary health concern in Florida, so much so that over 50 counties have a Mosquito Control District operation to manage control measures. OMNI Industrial Process in Fort Myers, FL was asked to meet the challenge of loading granular larvicide hoppers on helicopters used for broadcasting the larvicide. Rigid boom transfer augers were too dangerous to be used near the rotating helicopter blades. Drawing on their Mid-Western background, OMNI was able to incorporate Seed-Vac units to provide safe and efficient loading from a variety of bulk tender … [Read more...]

Changing the Oil in Your Grain Vac Blower

If you are wondering how often you should change the oil in your grain vac blower, the simple answer is at least every 100 hours. Changing the oil every 100 hours of operation is important for proper equipment maintenance. Be sure to use the correct synthetic gear oil (link to other article) and properly dispose of all waste oil. The best way to remember to change the oil is to make note of the date of each oil change on the equipment itself using an oil change sticker, in your operations manual, or look for an oil change app for your mobile device. Proper waste oil … [Read more...]

Christianson Systems Diverse Solutions Impact Globally

Christianson Systems is well-known for their extensive line of grain vac conveyors, but those within the shipping, landscaping, and seed industries know how well-diversified the company has become. Christianson has a long history of designing and manufacturing unified solutions to streamline processes for a multitude of industries. The diversified products and services offered by Christianson Systems make them a world-wide contender; winning the accolades of large and small companies alike to modernize their conveying processes and reduce unnecessary … [Read more...]

Determining the Correct Oil for Your Grain Vac Blower

The kind of oil required is determined by the type of blower used on your grain vac. The easiest way to figure this out is by checking the serial number tag on the blower. Once you have determined what kind of blower you have, you can use this guide to specify the type of gear oil needed. Dresser Roots and M&D Tuthill are the blowers used on the VacBoss and Handlair line of equipment. The Dresser Roots blower uses ISO-220 synthetic gear lubricant. The Tuthill blower uses an ISO-100 synthetic gear lubricant. Please remember that gear oil is not the same as motor … [Read more...]

Grain Vacs Drive Down Expenses

Blomkest, MN, USA - Agriculture is a technology-driven industry that demands the best in equipment performance, efficiency, and safety. When OSHA issued new regulations regarding sweep augers, the industry scrambled to figure out how to meet the regulations and move grain safely, while keeping expenses in check. Christianson’s has been able to ease the burden of this specific OSHA regulation by offering a series of grain vac options that move grain from bin to bin or from bin to truck. Essentially, the use of a pneumatic grain vac provides heightened protection from … [Read more...]

VacBoss™ with BlowerGard™ Filtration Introduced

The First and Only Industrial Grain Vac Featuring a 5-Year Blower Warranty! Blomkest, MN, USA – The revolutionary new VacBoss™ with BlowerGard™ Filtration is gaining tremendous acceptance by grain elevators, seed companies, and large farmers. “Since the VacBoss was introduced just a few weeks ago, the response has been overwhelming!”, stated Tim Flann, VacBoss™ Sales Manager. “VacBoss is the result of our customers’ demand for a truly industrial grain vac. They asked for a vac that would convey at high capacities, be gentle on seed, and have a service life beyond … [Read more...]

Membership to the U.S. Grains Council

Christianson announces its membership to the U.S. Grains Council. The U.S. Grains Council works together with domestic public sector funding agencies, as well as, international partners to successfully support global export market expansion for U.S. grains and associated products. … [Read more...]

SuperTower™ Fanless™ Shipunloaders Introduced

Blomkest, MN, USA – Available in six standard sizes from 200 to 600 MTPH single line capacity, SuperTowers are available with intake booms up to 30 meters long to discharge panamax and cape size vessels. Fanless Technology -- SuperTower fanless technology eliminates the use of conventional fan-type (sometimes referred to as "centrifugal" or "turbo-blower") prime movers to create suction for the unloader. SuperTowers utilize a positive displacement Roots®-type prime mover to create the main suction for the unloader. Fanless Advantages -- Fanless technology … [Read more...]