SuperTower™ Fanless™ Shipunloaders Introduced

SuperTower Fanless Shipunloader

After three years in development, Christianson
has unveiled a new family of fanless shipunloaders
under the brand name SuperTower.

Blomkest, MN, USA – Available in six standard sizes from 200 to 600 MTPH single line capacity, SuperTowers are available with intake booms up to 30 meters long to discharge panamax and cape size vessels.

Fanless Technology — SuperTower fanless technology eliminates the use of conventional fan-type (sometimes referred to as “centrifugal” or “turbo-blower”) prime movers to create suction for the unloader. SuperTowers utilize a positive displacement Roots®-type prime mover to create the main suction for the unloader.

Fanless Advantages — Fanless technology provides three primary performance advantages:

  1. Higher Discharge Rates: Higher average discharge rates are achieved with fanless technology due to the inherent mechanical efficiency advantage of a positive displacement prime mover.Fanless systems maintain virtually constant airflow, even at high levels of suction (greater than 305mm Hg). This contrasts sharply with conventional fan systems which cannot maintain constant airflow at high levels of suction. Fan systems rapidly lose their ability to maintain proper airflow as suction levels begin to exceed 305mm Hg. At this point, discharge capacity of a fan system drops significantly. If an adequate amount of air is not allowed to enter the intake nozzle, conveying stops completely.Both fanless and fan-type shipunloaders perform well when the vertical conveying distance is short (when the ship’s hold is full of grain). However, as the intake nozzle of the shipunloader approaches the half-way point down into the hold of the vessel, the amount of suction required to maintain capacity increases significantly. Fanless systems maintain the required airflow as the suction level increases, resulting in minimal capacity change. Fan-type systems cannot maintain the same airflow at the higher suction levels, and therefore, capacity drops much more rapidly.During the unloading of a 40,000 DWT Panamax vessel for example, the average discharging rate of a fanless shipunloader can significantly exceed that of a fan-type unloader. As much as sixty-five percent of the grain still remains after the intake nozzle of the shipunloader reaches three-fourths of the depth of the hold. If the fanless shipunloader discharges at a rate thirty percent higher while discharging the remaining sixty-five percent of the cargo, the average discharging rate of the fanless shipunloader is nearly twenty percent higher for the entire hold.
  2. Gentler Handling: The airflow and suction settings required to maximize discharging rates for a durable grain like wheat are different than those necessary to maximize the gentle handling of a delicate material like barley malt. The air volume and suction level of a properly equipped SuperTower Fanless Shipunloader can be precisely controlled to meet the requirements of these applications.The positive displacement Roots®-type prime mover of a fanless shipunloader provides a relatively constant volume of air at any given R.P.M. By changing the R.P.M. of the prime mover, the air volume changes directly in a linear relationship. Changing the amount of air allowed into the intake nozzle precisely controls the suction level.
  3. Less Energy Per Ton: The ability to precisely control air volume and suction levels coupled with the inherent mechanical efficiency advantage of a fanless prime mover results in less energy consumed per ton of material discharged.

Summary — The new SuperTower Fanless Shipunloaders provide higher discharge rates with gentler handling and less energy consumption.

For further information on SuperTower Fanless Shipunloaders please contact Christianson at +1-320-995-6141 (telephone), +1-320-995-6145 (fax), or [email protected] (email).

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