Changing the Oil in Your Grain Vac Blower

grain vac blower oil change every 100 hoursIf you are wondering how often you should change the oil in your grain vac blower, the simple answer is at least every 100 hours. Changing the oil every 100 hours of operation is important for proper equipment maintenance. Be sure to use the correct synthetic gear oil (link to other article) and properly dispose of all waste oil. The best way to remember to change the oil is to make note of the date of each oil change on the equipment itself using an oil change sticker, in your operations manual, or look for an oil change app for your mobile device.

Proper waste oil disposal

Never dump waste oil on the ground or put it in the garbage. When disposed of properly, waste oil doesn’t need to be a contaminant to the environment, and in many cases it can be recycled. Most cities and counties have a list of places that will accept used oils, that is often the best resource for finding the place nearest you to dispose of waste oil. All places in Minnesota that sell motor oil are required to list drop-off sites, and that may be a good place to check on the disposal of used gear oil.  The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is another valuable resource for adhering to regulations.


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