VacBoss™ with BlowerGard™ Filtration Introduced

The VacBoss Model 4066 loads trucks at rates of up to 4,000bu/hr.

The First and Only Industrial Grain Vac Featuring a 5-Year Blower Warranty!

Blomkest, MN, USA – The revolutionary new VacBoss™ with BlowerGard™ Filtration is gaining tremendous acceptance by grain elevators, seed companies, and large farmers. “Since the VacBoss was introduced just a few weeks ago, the response has been overwhelming!”, stated Tim Flann, VacBoss™ Sales Manager. “VacBoss is the result of our customers’ demand for a truly industrial grain vac. They asked for a vac that would convey at high capacities, be gentle on seed, and have a service life beyond that of ‘traditional’ grain vacs.” VacBoss is the first grain vac able to withstand rigorous conveying conditions in commercial grain and seed handling environments as evidenced by its 5-Year / 2,500 Hour Abrasion-Free Blower Limited Warranty.

The VacBoss exclusive BlowerGard Filtration increases blower life due to nearly 100% filtering efficiency. You can now convey grains and a multitude of dusty products, including meals and feeds, without damaging the blower. Your investment is protected – capacities remain high over time because blower efficiency doesn’t decrease.

The new VacBoss is 35% more energy efficient than traditional grain vacs with comparable capacities. With VacBoss, grain and seed handling damage is virtually eliminated.

VacBoss Model 4066 is available as PTO, diesel or electric powered, and will load trucks at up to 4,000 bu/hr through 6” piping with as little as 90 HP.

Christianson Systems, Inc. – the maker of VacBoss – has over 25 years of experience making some of the world’s largest grain handling equipment.

For further information on VacBoss with BlowerGard Filtration, please call 800-VAC-BOSS or email [email protected].

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