SeedVac Used on HMI Feed Buggy

Feed Buggy with SeedVacFeeding deer, livestock, or other wildlife is easier and more efficient with a HMI Feed Buggy. For over twenty years, Heavybilt Manufacturing Inc (HMI) of Coalgate, Oklahoma has been manufacturing specialty feeders. They recently released their new 2023 Three Ton Feed Buggy powered by Christianson Systems built SeedVac.™

With feeding deer growing in popularity in many areas, this implement is in high demand. It’s able to deliver 400 pounds of corn per minute, and a four ton model is in the design phase to be released soon. The Feed Buggy features a three ton round hopper and delivery cone for steady and easy flow of seed, and an optional bucket chute is available.

“We are a family owned business that appreciates the value of hard work and quality products…” ~ Steve Cody

HMI Feed Buggy with SeedVacHMI has worked with Christianson Systems for a number of years, as they continue offering cutting edge equipment like the Feed Buggy. HMI owner, Steve Cody shares that “we are a family owned business that appreciates the value of hard work and quality products.” Steve is a third generation cattle rancher, and “uses the equipment we manufacture every day. This provides HMI with a first-hand understanding of what it takes for implements to hold up in the field, as well as improvements that need to be made to stay on the cutting edge of development.”

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