Omni Industrial Process Provides Solutions for Mosquito Control with a Christianson Seed Vac

Christianson Systems OMNI Seed-Vac System 1.3Mosquito control is a primary health concern in Florida, so much so that over 50 counties have a Mosquito Control District operation to manage control measures. OMNI Industrial Process in Fort Myers, FL was asked to meet the challenge of loading granular larvicide hoppers on helicopters used for broadcasting the larvicide. Rigid boom transfer augers were too dangerous to be used near the rotating helicopter blades.

Drawing on their Mid-Western background, OMNI was able to incorporate Seed-Vac units to provide safe and efficient loading from a variety of bulk tender units. The latest solution provided by OMNI is a rear dump gooseneck trailer with a Model 30 Seed-Vac. Scale options include simple weight indicators to more complex pre-determined batch weight delivery indicators.

If you’re looking for a distributor or dealer nearest you, give call our main office a call 800-328-8896.

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