Christianson Systems Diverse Solutions Impact Globally

Christianson Systems Global Conveying SolutionsChristianson Systems is well-known for their extensive line of grain vac conveyors, but those within the shipping, landscaping, and seed industries know how well-diversified the company has become. Christianson has a long history of designing and manufacturing unified solutions to streamline processes for a multitude of industries. The diversified products and services offered by Christianson Systems make them a world-wide contender; winning the accolades of large and small companies alike to modernize their conveying processes and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Facility Lends Well to Custom Manufacturing Needs

Christianson Systems services reach far beyond the conveying equipment. The custom manufacturing department offers a 40,000 square foot assembly floor for a wide range of projects. Welding, painting, blasting, and fabrication are all services that can be employed to get a unique project done on time and without piecing it out to multiple places.

Leading the Marine Shipping Industry with Shipunloaders

Major ports around the world rely on SuperPortable to unload unfathomable quantities of product from ocean vessels each day. Christianson Systems has shipped SuperPortable™ Fanless™ Shipunloaders to China, Philippines, Australia, Venezuela and Vietnam. The team at Christianson is very experienced in shipping requirements, delivery expectations, and assembly needs. Our SuperPortable™ Fanless™ Shipunloaders and refined shipping result in domestic and foreign entities alike giving Christianson Systems repeat business.

Revolutionizing How Rock is Moved

The RockVac has revolutionized the ease and speed of moving large quantities of rock and other materials previously delegated to long hours of  manual labor. Builders and landscapers are finding endless uses for the RockVac that is not inhibited by natural elements; allowing for the easy removal of sludge, glass, debris, mud and more.

Increasing Yield with Bulk Seed Conveyors

The SeedVac is an innovative solution that moves soybeans, corn, and other seeds quickly, while virtually eliminating damage to the seed that other solutions can cause. SeedVac owners are praising its design that eliminates the need for lifting bags. It’s important to Christianson Systems to provide a mechanism for bulk seed conveying that saves time and offers increased mobility in applications.

We invite you to learn more about the many diversified products and services offered by Christianson Systems of Blomkest, MN

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