SuperTower™ Fanless™ Shipunloaders Introduced

Blomkest, MN, USA – Available in six standard sizes from 200 to 600 MTPH single line capacity, SuperTowers are available with intake booms up to 30 meters long to discharge panamax and cape size vessels. Fanless Technology -- SuperTower fanless technology eliminates the use of conventional fan-type (sometimes referred to as "centrifugal" or "turbo-blower") prime movers to create suction for the unloader. SuperTowers utilize a positive displacement Roots®-type prime mover to create the main suction for the unloader. Fanless Advantages -- Fanless technology … [Read more...]

SuperTower™ Wins in Europe

Blomkest, MN, USA – Christianson will supply two SuperTower and one SuperPortable Fanless Shipunloaders to East Point Holding Ltd./Silotrans S.A. for operation at their new grain terminal at Constanta Port, Romania. Scheduled to be operational in 1998, the SuperTower Model 405/22.5’s will be used to discharge wheat, corn, and soybeans from ships and barges into trucks and/or silo bound conveyor. The SuperPortable Model 200 Diesel will be used for transfer and clean-up operations. East Point Holding Ltd./Silotrans S.A. chose Christianson’s SuperTower and … [Read more...]

Algranel modernizes with SuperTower™

Blomkest, MN, USA – Algranel C.A. is modernizing its existing grain terminal at Puerto Cabello - Venezuela’s largest grain receiving terminal. Algranel will replace two older pneumatic shipunloaders with two SuperTower Model 505/25 Fanless Shipunloaders from Christianson. Each SuperTower has a rated capacity of 500 MTPH and is equipped with a 25 meter intake boom for unloading up to Panamax vessels. The boom features a 5.0 MT lifting crane for hoisting skid steer loaders into the hold of the vessel during clean-up. The SuperTowers will discharge into trucks or to an … [Read more...]

SuperPortable™ chosen by Sevil Boru Profil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. for New Barge Unloading Terminal

Blomkest, MN, USA – In February 1998, Christianson shipped two diesel-powered SuperPortable Model 200 Shipunloaders to Sevil Boru Profil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. of Istanbul, Turkey. The SuperPortable Model 200 Shipunloaders - with a maximum rated capacities of 200 MTPH each – will discharge sunflower seeds and other grains from barges into trucks. The SuperPortables’ highly efficient filter receiver removes the oily dust associated with sunflower seeds from the suction air before it is drawn into the Fanlessä prime mover. Since shipunloading equipment could not be … [Read more...]

Enseporpa S.A. ahora estan descargando con SuperPortable™

En mayo de 1998, Enseporpa comenzó a descargar buques con el nuevo SuperPortable Modelo 300 Descargadora en el Puerto de San Antonio, Chile. Enseporpa eligió el SuperPortable, porque ofreció flexibilidad operacional, un bajo nivel de inversión, capacidad altas (300 MTPH), operación sin polvo, y otras características encontradas normalmente solamente en descargadores del tipo torre. El SuperPortable se está utilizando para transportar todos los tipos de granos de cereal, de pelotillas, y harina de soja. El cargo será descargado directamente de los barcos en una … [Read more...]

Enseporpa S.A. now unloading with SuperPortable™

In May 1998, Enseporpa began discharging vessels with the new SuperPortable Model 300 Shipunloader at the Port of San Antonio, Chile. Enseporpa chose the SuperPortable, because it offered operational flexibility, a low investment level, high conveying capacity (300 MTPH), dust-free operation, and other value-enhancing features normally found only on tower-type unloaders. The SuperPortable is being used to convey all types of cereal grains, pellets, and soybean meal. Cargo will be directly discharged from ocean-going bulk carriers into a shore-based conveying system … [Read more...]

SuperTower performing for Georgia Ports Authority

Blomkest, MN, USA - Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) recently installed a SuperTower Fanless Shipunloader for operation at its Colonel’s Island Terminal agri-bulk facility at the Port of Brunswick, Georgia, USA. In early February, the first vessel to utilize the SuperTower was discharged. “We are very pleased to have our new vac system on-line and operational,” stated Charles L. Regini, GPA General Manager, Agri-Bulk and Barge Facilities. “The new system, while further enhancing a multitude of existing efficiencies at the terminal, will now provide port users with … [Read more...]

Governor Ventura presents Ted Christianson with World Trader of the Year Award

As part of the annual World Trade Week recognition event and World Trade Conference and Expo, Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura presented this year's World Trader of the Year award to Ted Christianson at a luncheon on Tuesday, May 4, 1999 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The World Trader of the Year recipient is selected by World Trade Week Inc., a non-profit organization with representation from international business, education and government export service providers and has sponsored the annual recognition event and forum for discussing international trade … [Read more...]

VacBoss™ Inland Pneumatic Conveyors

DRY CARGO INTERNATIONAL Pneumatic Bulk Handling Equipment  Mobile Pneumatic Unloaders Christianson Systems has long been an industry leader in the development of mobile combination vacuum and pressure dry cargo pneumatic conveyors. It is the home of Vac-U-Vator, GrainVayor, Handlair Grain Conveyor, Chem-Vac, ship unloaders and small rock conveyors. They introduced pneumatic grain conveying to USA agriculture back in the early 70s and have been spearheading wider uses, higher capacity, efficiency, less noise, less dust and less product degradation in its line of … [Read more...]