Enseporpa S.A. now unloading with SuperPortable™

Enseporpa of San Antonio, Chile
chooses SuperPortable for its
full flexibility and tower-like performance.

In May 1998, Enseporpa began discharging vessels with the new SuperPortable Model 300 Shipunloader at the Port of San Antonio, Chile. Enseporpa chose the SuperPortable, because it offered operational flexibility, a low investment level, high conveying capacity (300 MTPH), dust-free operation, and other value-enhancing features normally found only on tower-type unloaders.

The SuperPortable is being used to convey all types of cereal grains, pellets, and soybean meal. Cargo will be directly discharged from ocean-going bulk carriers into a shore-based conveying system or directly into trucks.

SuperPortable gives Enseporpa the flexibility to unload at various berths at the port. Its towable chassis and its self-contained diesel power system make it fully portable.

SuperPortables are available in three model sizes – 200, 250, and 300 MTPH. For free product information on Christianson’s complete line of shipunloaders or the SuperPortable, contact Christianson at [email protected] (e-mail), +1-320-995-6141 (telephone), or +1-320-995-6145 (fax).

Contact: Christianson Marketing Department Tel: 1-320-995-6141 Fax: 1-320-995-6145 [email protected]

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