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VacBoss mobile pneumatic conveyor

The VacBoss Model 4066 loads trucks at rates of up to 4,000 bu/hr


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Christianson Systems has long been an industry leader in the development of mobile combination vacuum and pressure dry cargo pneumatic conveyors. It is the home of Vac-U-Vator, GrainVayor, Handlair Grain Conveyor, Chem-Vac, ship unloaders and small rock conveyors. They introduced pneumatic grain conveying to USA agriculture back in the early 70s and have been spearheading wider uses, higher capacity, efficiency, less noise, less dust and less product degradation in its line of mobile pneumatic conveying systems for inland use.

After popularizing the fan powered Vac-U-Vator Christianson Systems developed Handlair grain conveyors for seed companies and farmers with a positive displacement blower and various methods of cyclonic dust removal to protect the blower. The Handlair drastically reduced grain damage, power requirement and conveying line size.

To prevent blower wear, simple cyclonic action filters were developed, however, blower wear was never eliminated.

Filter receivers were generally large and bulky, and required compressed air to clean filter bags. This bulkiness and extra equipment made it difficult to implement on mobile equipment. Christianson Systems eliminated blower wear with the development of the MicroTube™ filter and VibraShaker™ cleaning system which are vital parts for the BlowerGard™ filtration system. Finally, a machine was developed with a filtration system that protects the blower against wear. This has allowed the factory to offer an exclusive 5 year or 2,500 hour warranty against blower wear.

Keeping dust out of the blower allows VacBoss to handle a wide variety of flowable products besides grains that include fly ash, sugar and even cement. The Reduced Velocity Inlet and general handling characteristics of the VacBoss make it ideal for grain seed and difficult to handle oily sunflowers or milo.

VacBoss is available with either PTO drive or diesel engine in three capacity ranges; 5” VacBoss Junior with max rating at 2,900 bushels (70 MT) per hour, Model 4066 rated 4,000 bushels (100 MT) per hour, and Model 5068 rated at 5,500 bushels (140 MT) per hour.

Other standard features include an all new silencing system, hydraulic folding truck loading kit, vacuum breaker, hour meter and many other features. The silencing system limits noise to approximately 90 dba all around the machine making it friendly to be around.

Christianson went for the additional cost of the filtration system and silencing explaining that customers would rather pay a little more to have the machine last several times longer than competitive machines giving it an overall lower cost in the long run.

Customers call the VacBoss the most ideal mobile pneumatic conveyor for all types of inland applications: emptying storage bins, filling silos, hot-spot removal, cleaning around grain terminal, rail car unloading and general grain conveying.

For further information on VacBoss with BlowerGard Filtration, please call 800-VAC-BOSS or email [email protected].

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