SuperTower™ Wins in Europe

Christianson SuperTower and SuperPortable Shipunloaders

Christianson to supply
East Point Holding Ltd./Silotrans S.A.
SuperTower and SuperPortable™
Fanless™ Shipunloaders in Romania.

Blomkest, MN, USA – Christianson will supply two SuperTower and one SuperPortable Fanless Shipunloaders to East Point Holding Ltd./Silotrans S.A. for operation at their new grain terminal at Constanta Port, Romania.

Scheduled to be operational in 1998, the SuperTower Model 405/22.5’s will be used to discharge wheat, corn, and soybeans from ships and barges into trucks and/or silo bound conveyor. The SuperPortable Model 200 Diesel will be used for transfer and clean-up operations.

East Point Holding Ltd./Silotrans S.A. chose Christianson’s SuperTower and SuperPortable because of their innovative features, including its Fanless technology, which provides higher, maintainable conveying rates, lower energy consumption, and gentler grain handling.

Each of the two identical SuperTowers has a capacity of 400 MTPH, a boom length of 22.5 meters, and is designed to travel the existing rails. Local power is provided to the SuperTower via a cable and reel system. The SuperTower has a total of three discharge points – two truck loading chutes inside the gantry and one pier conveyor loading chute outside the gantry – thus providing continuous, reliable ship unloading.

The SuperPortable – designed for reliability, flexibility and ease of portability – has a capacity of 200 MTPH and features an 8.5 meter long intake boom, mechanical discharge conveyor, and automatic self-cleaning filter receiver.

For further information on SuperTower and SuperPortable Fanless Shipunloaders, please contact Christianson at +1-320-995-6141 (telephone), +1-320-995-6145 (fax), or [email protected] (email).

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