Algranel modernizes with SuperTower™

Christianson SuperTower pneumatic shipunloader, VenezuelaBlomkest, MN, USA – Algranel C.A. is modernizing its existing grain terminal at Puerto Cabello – Venezuela’s largest grain receiving terminal. Algranel will replace two older pneumatic shipunloaders with two SuperTower Model 505/25 Fanless Shipunloaders from Christianson.

Each SuperTower has a rated capacity of 500 MTPH and is equipped with a 25 meter intake boom for unloading up to Panamax vessels. The boom features a 5.0 MT lifting crane for hoisting skid steer loaders into the hold of the vessel during clean-up. The SuperTowers will discharge into trucks or to an inbound conveyor system that connects to over 100,000 metric tons of grain storage at the port.

The SuperTowers will be affixed to Algranel’s existing traveling gantries modified to accept the new equipment.

According to Algranel company president Mr. Franklin Sandoval, “We chose SuperTower Fanless Shipunloaders because they provide higher, maintainable discharging capacities, less energy consumption, and gentler grain handling than alternative solutions we studied – all for a reasonable level of investment.”

Christianson also helped Algranel arrange financing for the entire project.

For further information on SuperTower Fanless Shipunloaders, please contact the SuperTower division of Christianson at [email protected] (email), +1-320-995-6141 (telephone), or +1-320-995-6145 (fax).

Contact: Christianson Marketing Department Tel: 1-320-995-6141 Fax: 1-320-995-6145 [email protected]

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