Use less space and be more efficient this spring planting season!

Quad-Pro Bulk Seed Stand

Christianson Systems, Inc. now offers a 4-box bulk seed stand that takes less space on the trailer.  The Quad-Pro Bulk Seed Stand holds 4 hard-sided seed boxes BACK-TO-BACK so you have more room on your trailer to haul your fertilizer tanks and other equipment to the field.  One central hopper directs the seed into the airlock of the Seed Vac where it is fed into the airstream and gently delivered to your planter or drill.

94″ Wide, the Quad-Pro Bulk Seed Stand will fit most flat bed trailers.  The seed boxes are locked in place to secure them to the stand which is bolted to your trailer.  Tie straps are recommended during transport.

The Quad-Pro Bulk Seed Stand will hold four bottom-discharge seed boxes with additional space in the central hopper.  A slide gate between the hopper and the airlock regulates the flow of the seed into the delivery system.  A hinged access panel opens for complete cleaning of the hopper area.  Recommended for use with the Model 30 Seed Vac, the stand includes a frame for holding the power unit.  (The Seed Vac Bulk Seed Conveyor is purchased separately.)

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