Transfer Your Bulk Seed at 700 lbs/minute with the Model 30 Seed Vac

The Seed Vac Bulk Seed Conveyor is approaching its 20th anniversary and is still providing cost effective solutions for handling bulk seed. Farm equipment continues to change and the Seed Vac continues to work well with the new generation of planters. Christiansons now offers two different sizes; the standard Model 20 and the larger version, the Model 30 Seed Vac.

The size and efficiency of farm equipment has continued grow as technology changes. The Model 30 Seed Vac was introduced as a solution for transferring bulk seed at a faster rate to the center fill planters. Time is money and the Seed Vac Bulk Seed Conveyor easily transfers seed at 700 pounds per minute from your gravity wagon, grain truck, hopper bottom semi, or from the hard-sided seed boxes.

Adding value to the Model 30 Seed Vac, a vacuum/pressure option was introduced in 2013. Instead of putting your Seed Vac into storage at the end of planting season, you are now able to transform your equipment from a seed delivery system into a small utility vac to be used for small clean ups, filling mixers, and other small applications around the farm.

Seed Vac Model 30 with the Optional Utility Vac Attachment


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