Bin Entry Do’s and Don’ts

Safety Notice – Important – Read This!

Grain Bin SafetyWhen entering grain tanks, bins, and silos, follow these tips from the Kansas Grain and Feed Association’s Safety, Health and Environment Committee.

  • DO have a written entry permit completed by the supervisor.
  • DON’T discard entry permits until after entry operations have been completed.
  • DO isolate all hazards of a mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic nature that could endanger and entrant. Isolation is accomplished by precautionary measures that include blocking off, disconnection, and lockout/tagout. Gates, conveyors, and other fill and reclaim equipment fall into this category.
  • DON’T authorize entry until the atmosphere of a bin, silo, or tank has been assessed or tested for oxygen and any other known toxics or combustible gases.
  • DON’T enter into a space for rescue without obtaining assistance first and having an attendant at the opening. Government statistics show that 60% of rescuers who do not take the time to get another attendant become fatalities themselves.
  • DON’T issue permits without physically checking the space to be entered.
  • DON’T allow permit times to extend beyond one work shift.
  • DO inform control room personnel of the intent to enter the bin, silo, or tank.
  • DO lower the required equipment such as tools, lights, etc. on a separate rope prior to the entrant when entering from the top of a bin, tank, or silo.
  • DO tie off whenever possible to the structure when working around the drawoff or on top of the grain mass.



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