Vac-U-Vator Model 4090

  • Vac-U-Vator 4090 portable pneumatic conveyor, vacuvatorSelf-contained heavy duty portable pneumatic conveyor has the highest conveying rates.
  • Suitable for conveying most bulk granular free flowing grains or products. Ideal for unloading ships or barges.
  • Maximum conveying rate of 100 metric tons per hour under optimum conditions with a combination vacuum and pressure piping system when conveying U.S. grade Number 2 corn.
  • Conveying piping is 9″ (229mm) diameter. See graph below for additional information on conveying rates.
  • Optional vacuum only and pressure only models available.

The conveying rate for this Vac-U-Vator is shown on the graph below for the piping system shown in the drawing. The top curve shows the conveying rate for the shorter vacuum piping system. The bottom curve for the longer one (illustrated by the broken lined.)

Vac-U-Vator Capacity GraphVac-U-Vator 4090 pneumatic conveyor

To determine the conveying rate at a specific distance:

  1. Measure the total distance of the piping on the pressure (blowing) end of the machine.
  2. Mark this distance on the scale at the bottom of the graph for meters (or the top of the graph for feet).
  3. Draw a line vertically from this point until it intersects the curve.
  4. Read the conveying rate on the scale on the left of the graph that corresponds with the point made by the intersecting lines.

This rate is based on conveying U.S. Grade Number 2 corn at sea level. The conveying rate of other grains will vary depending on grain moisture, foreign material content and type of grain, but will generally be 80% to 100% of the rate shown for corn. The rates shown assume a constant free flowing supply of grain to the Vac-U-Vator suction nozzle.

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