VacBoss – More Features


All VacBoss models include the following features unless noted as an option:


VacBoss pneumatic conveyors








All VacBoss pneumatic conveyors utilize Christianson heavy duty airlocks like this 2.7 cubic foot per revolution unit on the VacBoss model 5068.

Special features include:

  • Blow-thru design for efficiency and superior rotor pocket clearing.
  •  Extra-large throat for maximum through-put and minimized product bridging.
  • Angled housing for reduced torque rotor turning.
  • Adjustable and replaceable tips for longer airlock life and better performance.
  • Pressure-Vacuum cross venting for better performance.
  • Direct-coupled reversible hydraulic drive with overload protection.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron housing for better rigidity and strength.


Chrome Hardened Airlock (optional)

The airlock can be chrome hardened in a special process for extra wear resistance.


Positive Displacement Blower

VacBoss pneumatic conveyors






The VacBoss™ is equipped with a high-performance positive displacement blower capable of both high vacuum and pressure.

  • Delivers just the right amount of vacuum and pressure for the job.
  • Protected by VacBoss’s exclusive BlowerGard Filtration System.


Vacuum and Pressure Safety Relief Valves

VacBoss pneumatic conveyors






The vacuum and pressure (shown) relief valves are activated if operating limits are exceeded and reset automatically.


Operating Gauges






Gauges for system vacuum, pressure and filter differential help you maintain maximum operating performance and aid in troubleshooting.


Gearbox Drive (PTO Only)

VacBoss pneumatic conveyors







A gearbox delivers power directly to the blower and hydraulic pump from your tractor via the PTO shaft.

  • Side-loading of the blower shaft and bearings is eliminated.
  • Very efficient (no loss of power from belt slippage).
  • Reliable – gears and bearings continuously lubricated in oil bath.

The PTO shaft with protective clutch provides smooth and safe power transmission to the blower. Shear bolts are eliminated.


Caterpillar® Diesel Engine

VacBoss pneumatic conveyors







A fuel efficient, water-cooled Caterpillar diesel engine powers all VacBoss Diesel models. Standard features include:

  • Dual element air filter system
  • Engine shroud
  • High ambient radiator
  • City critical exhaust muffler

The diesel powered VacBoss also includes:

  • 60 gallon (227 liters) fuel tank with gauge
  • Safety instrumentation in a lockable enclosure
  • Murphy oil/temp shut-down switches


Pipe Rack (optional)

VacBoss pneumatic conveyors





For secure and convenient transport of pipe, the VacBoss™ can be equipped with a pipe rack that holds 15′ lengths of pipe.


Self-contained Hydraulic System

VacBoss pneumatic conveyors





Dependable hydraulics power the airlock, truck loading kit ram, vacuum breaker, and VibraShaker™ cleaning system.

Comes complete with:

  • Gauge
  • Filter
  • Reservoir tank


Hydraulic Truck-Loading-Kit (TLK)

VacBoss pneumatic conveyorsVacBoss pneumatic conveyors










The VacBoss hydraulic Truck-Loading-Kit (TLK) allows truck loading from the side, corner, or rear of the machine.

Hydraulically raised and lowered at a touch of a lever, the TLK uses heavy-duty bearings for stability during unloading.


  • Standard truck loading clearance of 12′ 2″.
  • 270 degree rotational movement.
  • Locking safety pin for storage and transport.


Camlock Coupled Lower TLK Elbow (3056 and 4066 only)

VacBoss pneumatic conveyors






The camlock coupled lower TLK elbow easily detaches without tools for applications where the truck loading kit is not required – like filling bins and silos, or long horizontal transfers

Camlock couplers ensure positive alignment and sealing at every pipe connection.


Lined Discharge Cyclone

VacBoss pneumatic conveyors






The discharge cyclone is constructed of abrasion resistant steel and has an easily-replaceable wear liner.

A rubber outlet boot gently directs grain flow to discharge in a tight pattern.


Seed Handling Discharge Cyclone (optional)

Timely service of your VacBoss extends its life and helps maintain optimum performance.


Hour Meter

VacBoss pneumatic conveyors






Timely service of your VacBoss extends its life and helps maintain optimum performance.

Track VacBoss operating time with the hour meter – also great for rental or custom transfer work.


Lined Receiving Cone (optional)

The receiving cone can be fitted with a replaceable wear liner for ultimate abrasion resistance.

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