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Introducing the ALL NEW AUGERVAC

The industry’s heaviest constructed fan / auger grain vacs! Backed by over 50 years of pneumatic manufacturing experience.


Christianson Systems, the creator of Handlair and VacBoss pneumatic grain conveying systems, is proud to introduce the NEW AugerVac grain conveyor.


The AugerVac was designed to make this grain vac affordable for everyone.


The new super lightweight flexible hose makes bin unloading easy and eliminates the back-breaking job of shoveling grain. Your lungs will breathe easier with the dust-free grain transfer.


High capacities enable you to quickly and safely clean out your grain bins.

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Features & Options

The closer you look, the better AugerVac looks.

AugerVac grain vacs include the following features unless noted as an option:

Piping: 7″ Standard, 6 or 8″ – (optional)

Easy to handle 7″ piping packages and center bin unloading nozzles are available.

Heavy Duty Single Stage Fan

grain vacs
Produces high vacuum for easy clean out.

Wide Heavy Duty Chassis

grain vac
No need to adjust the wheel base like the import models.

Exclusive Cyclonic Inlet

grain vacs
Minimizes fan dust ingestion.  Gentler on grain.

Belt Drive

AuguerVac grain vacs

Low maintenance single banded belt.

Offset-hitch Frame

Patented frame design with an offset hitch gives plenty of truck clearance when using a tractor with duals or long axles.

Hydraulic Cylinder

grain vac
Hydraulically raise and lower the auger at a touch of a lever.

Heavy Duty Double Auger Flighting

grain vacs
Gives you higher capacity and longer life to the lower section.

Exclusive Damper Valve

AuguerVac grain vacs
Only on the AugerVac! The Damper valve minimizes the load on your power source.


Applications & Materials

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Piping & Accessories

Make sure your AugerVac has the right piping for the job.  This generous pipe package is included with every AugerVac!

AuguerVac grain vacs

Parts, Service & Support

AuguerVac grain vacsAugerVac service and support – 23 years and counting.

Whether it’s routine maintenance for your AugerVac or a complete rebuild of your older grain vac, we’ve got the facilities and experience to support you. We service all types, makes and models of grain vacs.

Call us today for:

  • Auger tune-up
  • Fan rebuild
  • Airlock tip adjustment
  • Airlock rebuilding and exchange
  • Air pump rebuilding and exchange
  • Seasonal inspection and tune-up
  • Vac rebuilding
  • Vac truck mounting



Safety Notice – Important – Read This!

Entering a bin, silo, tank or other type of storage structure is hazardousWorking in and around bins, silos, and tanks
Entering a bin, silo, tank or other type of storage structure is hazardous. You can suffocate and die from the materials stored inside these structures. There also may be explosive, harmful or poisonous gas or dust in the air. A vac operator and all other personnel assisting should strictly adhere to the procedures outlined in “Bin, Silo, and Tank Entry Procedures” before entering a storage structure. For additional details regarding these procedures, reference OSHA Standards.

When entering grain tanks, bins, and silos, also follow these tips – “Bin Entry Do’s and Don’ts” from the Kansas Grain and Feed Association’s Safety, Health and Environment Committee.


it is your responsibility to read, understand and follow all of the safety instructions in your operator’s manual
Working with and around your vac
Before using your vac, it is your responsibility to read, understand and follow all of the safety instructions in your operator’s manual. Also make sure that EVERYONE operating or near your vac understands and follows all of the safety instructions in the manual.

Remember, a safety-minded, informed operator is the most important safety aspect of your vac. Accidents can be avoided. Do not risk injury or death — be certain that every operator of your vac is well acquainted with all the safety recommendations and operating instructions in the manual. Read “Vac Safety Guidelines”

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