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Be comfortable with your used equipment purchase!

There are advantages to purchasing used or reconditioned equipment directly from the factory or from a factory-authorized distributor verses buying equipment at an auction or on-line.  When you purchase from an authorized dealer you will know what you are buying!

  • Traded in equipment has been inspected for worn out components.  Parts are replaced, not patched.
  • The airlock will be adjusted or if necessary, factory rebuilt.
  • The blower is a critical component on any grain vac.  By measuring the tolerances of the blower lobes we are able to estimate the remaining life of the blower.  This also helps determine how the machine will perform.
  • An inventory of replacement parts and piping is available.
  • If the grain vac was manufactured by Christianson Systems, Inc., the age of the equipment is available so you know if you are buying a machine that is two years old, or twenty.

The inventory of reconditioned equipment changes rapidly.
Be sure to check back often to see our current inventory!

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HA 560

2014_Handlair 560-76X3T7211 SoldHandlair Model 560 PTO


5″ conveying line, 100 HP Required

Self-Contained Hydraulics

Air Filtration System

Rebuilt Airlock

New main machine cyclone

  • Factory Reconditioned



Brandt 4500EX

2014_Brandt Model 4500



Handlair Model 660 PTO

2014_Handlair 660-14316

  • 6″ conveying line, 135-150 HP Required
  • Air Filtration System
  • New Upper and Lower TLK Elbow
  • New Discharge Cyclone
  • New Fenders
  • Machined airlock endplates
  • Factory Reconditioned




2014_VacBoss 4066-17351 MD BlowerVacBoss Model 4066 PTO

  • 6″ Conveying Line, 1000 RPM required
  • Capacity rating 3000-4000 bu/hr
  • Exclusive Vibra-Shaker filtration
  • Vacuum and Pressure silencer
  • Washed filter bags
  • Discharge Cyclone with Rhinohyde liner
  • M & D blower
  • Factory Reconditioned
  • $19,000.00


2014_Walinga 614Walinga Agri-Vac


  • 6″ conveying line, 1000 RPM Drive
  • 110-130 HP required
  • Capacity rating at 2800-3600 bu/hr
  • Fully serviced at CSI

Grain Vayor

2014_GrainVayor 105Grain Vayor


Grain Vayor Model 105

5″ Conveying Line

540 RPM, 65 HP required

Conveying capacity 1000-1800 bu/hr



Safety Notice – Important – Read This!

Entering a bin, silo, tank or other type of storage structure is hazardousWorking in and around bins, silos, and tanks
Entering a bin, silo, tank or other type of storage structure is hazardous. You can suffocate and die from the materials stored inside these structures. There also may be explosive, harmful or poisonous gas or dust in the air. A vac operator and all other personnel assisting should strictly adhere to the procedures outlined in “Bin, Silo, and Tank Entry Procedures” before entering a storage structure. For additional details regarding these procedures, reference OSHA Standards.

When entering grain tanks, bins, and silos, also follow these tips – “Bin Entry Do’s and Don’ts” from the Kansas Grain and Feed Association’s Safety, Health and Environment Committee.


it is your responsibility to read, understand and follow all of the safety instructions in your operator’s manual
Working with and around your vac
Before using your vac, it is your responsibility to read, understand and follow all of the safety instructions in your operator’s manual. Also make sure that EVERYONE operating or near your vac understands and follows all of the safety instructions in the manual.

Remember, a safety-minded, informed operator is the most important safety aspect of your vac. Accidents can be avoided. Do not risk injury or death — be certain that every operator of your vac is well acquainted with all the safety recommendations and operating instructions in the manual. Read “Vac Safety Guidelines”

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